Indonesian Cuisine

Indonesia not only hosts thousands of islands, but even more unique flavors and culinary traditions. Creative mixtures of spices (bumbu) allows the richness of flavor, from coriander seed, lemongrass, galangal, turmeric, tamarind, palm sugar, cloves, lemon and basil until shrimp paste, and of course chili. Typical dishes are satay, fried rice, soto (soup that is prepared in various different ways depending on the area), rendang (beef cooked in coconut milk), fried tofu and tempeh (typical street snacks).Tempe is fermented soy beans in edible fungi, originated from Javanese cuisine. It can be a meat substitute that provides a source of vegetable protein. The taste is mild and neutral, therefore it needs a good amount of spices to flavor properly.Tofu is soy bean curd, originated from China, which is transferred to Indonesia due to the trading relations. Tofu is known worldwide as a meat substitute. It's neutral taste makes it versatile to be prepared with any sort of spices.

Our Mission


We stay true to our values by providing authentic Indonesian/Asian dishes.  These dishes can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian depending on the participants. Indonesian cuisine generally contains lots of tofu and tempe so vegetarian participants should have no problem finding their way.


Indocooking will use the most local ingredients available. Naturally many spices and additions will come from local Asian supermarkets who import many different things from Asia. We do our very best to balance those food miles by getting vegetables from local farmers as much as we can.


Freshness is our motto! We will avoid jars, cans and prepared food wherever possible and make our pesto or curry completely from scratch. We believe this is the only way to maintain a healthy and delicious lifestyle for everyone!

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